First Lady: Scholarship Tax Credits

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First Lady

"During the next few weeks, our General Assembly has a remarkable opportunity to give thousands of Kentucky children a new path to success by voting in favor of two bills that will help create a scholarship tax credit program. House Bill 205 and Senate Bill 118 will go a long way towards helping children in the Commonwealth reach their dreams."

"Families like the Hendersons in South Louisville know all too well the power this scholarship tax program would have in transforming the futures of Kentucky’s children."

"In 2015, Daniel and Denise Henderson decided to become foster parents of medically fragile children and those with a history of trauma. Not long after they were approved in the summer of 2016, they welcomed a set of three elementary school-age siblings to their home — a 10-year-old girl (Elle) and her two brothers, ages eight and five. The two oldest were victims of trafficking, and all had sustained trauma."

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