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Support KY Tax Credit Program

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ACSIKY Christian School Network, 

The tax credit bill movement is at its peak and we need to generate a significant amount of support from the Christian school community.  

The House and Senate have introduced both House Bill 350 and SB 110, which would create the first state-wide opportunity for parents to choose schools that are the best fit for their children!

It is vital that you send this information to your school communities and encourage them to respond (we have provided a sample letter below that you can use.) We believe the Lord will use this action to bless many families to participate in Christian education in the coming years, and will enable our schools to provide this help with real funds.

Please pray and act in a timely manner! You can very quickly send an email to your legislators by using the Voter Voice Action Center.

Questions? Reach out to the ACSIKY Team below ( .


The ACSIKY Leadership Team

Sample letter to send to your school communities ASAP:

Dear Families, Friends, Supporters of our Christian School,

Now is our time to support educational freedom in Kentucky! The House and Senate have introduced and are debating both House Bill 350 and SB 110, which would create the first state-wide opportunity for parents to choose schools that are the best fit for their children through a scholarship tax credit program. Each of you know from past experience that the opposition to this credit will be loud! For our legislators to do what the majority of Kentucky citizens believe in and what we know will benefit families, children, AND public education in the long run, we must let them hear from our Christian school.

Your legislators MUST HEAR YOUR VOICE if they are going to vote for this bill. In just one-minute, you can email them through our Voter Voice system ( which will leave a message for your legislator based on your home and work addresses.

Please send this to your family and friends so that they can contact their legislators! Please share with your social media networks as well.

Key Points:

  • Private donations make the scholarships possible. No taxpayer money is taken from public schools or given to private schools.
  • Additional scholarship funds mean more families can get their children into the right learning environment. Income and zip code will no longer deter educational success.
  • 62% of Kentuckians support scholarship tax credits. That's bipartisan, majority support!
  • The scholarships benefit rural as well as urban families - the common factor is need. By providing this opportunity, doors are opened for students' success. And when children succeed, families and communities prosper.


Email Your Legislator - Tell them To Support Educational Choice! (

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