The Impact of the Spring Elections and Expinoza Decision at SCOTUS

Submitted by merle_skinner on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 13:21

The Spring Primaries and the implications of the Supreme Court in th Espinoza decision have some potential impact on school choice in KY.  Andy Vandiver shares his thoughts below first to the wider Christian audience about the implications of Espinoza in the following link:,26669

And about the primary results below:

Primaries for all 100 seats in the House of Representatives were held in the spring and the results were released this week.  There were a couple dozen contested primaries for House seats.  Many were open seats following the retirement of an incumbent. 

Based on surveys conducted by local advocacy groups, there were several primaries with candidates who reported that they support school choice policies facing off against candidates that were opposed.  From my review, pro-school choice candidates seem to have prevailed in nearly all of these races.  Further, one of the most prominent opponents of school choice lost.  No pro-school choice incumbents lost their races. 

While we don’t get involved in elections, I think this information is important as we consider whether 2021 is a year where school choice can become a reality in Kentucky.  Depending on the November elections, I think there is potential that we will see 5 to 10 pro-school choice candidates take seats that previously belonged to solidly anti-school choice legislators. 

The need for choices and flexibility in education is only becoming more important in light of the COVID19 crisis.  Regardless of the election results, we will be delivering that message to new and returning members of the General Assembly.