KY legislature passes school support bill to provide new opportunities to KY families and students.

Submitted by bill_jerome on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 09:39

Thanks to the support of Kentuckians and the commitment of our state legislators to promote education opportunities for Kentucky families who need it the most, HR 563 has become law.  Overriding the governor’s veto (23-14 in the Senate and 51-42 in the House), state representatives and senators approved the creation of Education Opportunities Accounts.  These accounts, funded by individual and corporate contributions, can be used by families to offset the expenses of programs, resources, tuition, and special education needs.  It expands the scope of education options available to families while maintaining the current funding for public schools.  It advances Kentucky education and opens the door for more families to take advantage of education options their students need. 

We will provide additional information soon on how families can support and take advantage of these accounts.  For now, we want to thank the Kentucky legislators for their commitment to the future of Kentucky education and for all of those who have encouraged and appreciated the efforts of those who have supported this legislation.