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KY legislature passes school support bill to provide new opportunities to KY families and students.

Submitted by bill_jerome on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 09:39

Thanks to the support of Kentuckians and the commitment of our state legislators to promote education opportunities for Kentucky families who need it the most, HR 563 has become law.  Overriding the governor’s veto (23-14 in the Senate and 51-42 in the House), state representatives and senators approved the creation of Education Opportunities Accounts.  These accounts, funded by individual and corporate contributions, can be used by families to offset the expenses of programs, resources, tuition, and special education needs.  It expands the scope of education options available t

Please help Kentucky education – your representatives need to hear from you in the next few days!

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Please contact your local state representative and senator by going to  and tell them you support their endorsement of HB 563.  Supported by 63% of Kentucky families, this bill reduces the financial burden for families who need special programs and resources, and the ability to attend schools that w

KY legislature votes to put students and families first but still needs your support

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The Kentucky House and Senate recently passed the Education Opportunity Account Act through HR 563 which will help more Kentucky families get the best education options and programs for their children. This bill does not detract from current public school student funding while providing struggling families the assistance to receive educational programs, resources, materials and choice options that will help students learn in the environment and with the tools they need.

Don’t Let Politics Get in the Way of What’s Best for Students

Submitted by bill_jerome on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 11:54

This information was provided by Charles Leis, President of EdChoice KY 

Supporting public education or school choice is not an either/or situation – both public and nonpublic schools can thrive if we give parents the opportunity to make choices about the resources their child needs.